Ozan Kurt

It's me, Ozan Kurt!

I'm a Senior Web Developer
in Karlsruhe / Germany

Ozan Kurt

I am working with Laravel as a full-stack developer, experienced in PHP and JavaScript.

Let's start with my story

Initially, I freelanced and did some personal projects while studying at German School Istanbul. I am currently studying computer science in Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

I started working as a Junior Web Developer at 4global in 2014. Then subsequently moved to the "Web Developer" position. Now I am guiding newcomers at our company and supporting the developer team as a Senior Web Developer.

Here are my skills:

Experienced in Laravel and Symfony. I always worked as a full-stack developer, therefore always used JavaScript along with PHP. I am mostly following the TDD (Test Driven Development) principle when developing in PHP. I've used various utilities to automate the testing process and my favorites are PHPUnit and Travis CI.

I was involved in many projects using the jQuery JavaScript library and JavaScript Frameworks like React JS, Angular JS and Vue JS. Along with these technologies it's a must to use Node.js and code compilers like Webpack and Gulp.

I've had a lot of experience with Bootstrap front-end the framework. Recently I've been learning TailwindCSS, a utility based CSS framework.

I've worked with large databases and therefore had to optimize every single query in MySQL. Working with Big Data thought me the importance of SQL knowledge.

I am mostly using GitHub for my open-source packages.

These are the tools I use:

I work on an MSI GT62VR and my editors of choice are Sublime Text and PHPStorm.

As a mobile device, I prefer iPhone just because I am so used to using and iPhone.

And finally my interests:

Aside from crafting websites and hacking away at code, I enjoy the gym, playing guitar, jamming with my band, swimming and reading as much as I can. I like pets and hoping to have one if I am able to.