It's me, Ozan Kurt!

I'm a web developer from Istanbul.

A picture of me.

I code PHP and also JavaScript as a full-stack developer.

Let's start with my experiences

Initially, I freelanced while studying at German School Istanbul and I am studying computer science in Hochschule Karlsruhe.

I started as a Junior Web Developer at 4global and moved to a Web Developer position, then subsequently a Senior Web Developer.

Followed by my skills

Experienced in HTML5, CSS3, Sass, JavaScript (including the jQuery library), PHP (including frameworks like Symfony 2 or Laravel 4 & 5). I am also familiar with common templating engines such as Smarty and Twig. I've had a lot of experience with front-end frameworks like Foundation and Bootstrap and various other grid systems.

I dabbled in Node.js & Python, Java and I'm enjoying learning as much about these programming languages as I can. I'm also finding myself being attracted to design and typography and I'm attempting to become better at design in general.

I regard testing as an extremely important part of the development process and I've worked with Jasmin, PHPSpec, PHPUnit and touched on other testing frameworks and tools. I love Travis CI.

Other notable skills and software include working with Git, GitHub, MySQL, MongoDB, XML (where it's still used), JSON, Photoshop, Illustrator, Emmet, Markdown, EditorConfig, Socket.IO, HTML5 Boilerplate, Web Accessibility, Web Standards, and I love the command line.

These are the tools I use

I work on a Lenovo G510 at home, and my editor of choices are Sublime Text and PHPStorm. I also own a few other devices to ensure what I do looks as beautiful and functional as possible across all devices.

As a mobile device, I prefer iPhone because it allows me to access the root and install anything I want on it.

And finally my interests

Aside from crafting websites and hacking away at code, I enjoy the gym, playing guitar, jamming with my band Carnage, swimming, driving, drinking tea/coffee, and reading as much as I can. I love dogs and basically all other cute animals.